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Tangible Signs

Tangible Signs - Literally. The signs are here. This whole campaign just became real real. The journey so far has been a long one, not just since my decision to run, but as a 30-year roundabout to today.

Let’s flashback to the 1980’s - a time that shows and movies now call ancient history and make screwball stereotypical comedies about. But that was my formative decade. In high school I took a class called “The Middle East Crisis”. In that class we took on the role of one of the major nations or entities involved in the region to discuss ways to create a peaceful end to the violence and tension. We debated and worked with other students around the globe. This was the early days of personal computers and internet, so yes, we used the old phone dial up method that made all the noise. It got me hooked. The next semester that same class tackled the US Constitution. In a similar fashion we studied famous historical Americans, and then debated elements of the Constitution and wrote a new one as if we were at that first constitutional convention.

That public high school class ignited a passion in me. A passion for international politics, for learning more about world cultures, for understanding what makes America and Americans tick. I was that feisty headstrong teenager. I was that weird kid that had maps on her wall and read the newspaper every day. I worked to get my school to join the Model United Nations program, and I later chaired a Model U.S. Senate team.

Through my college years I jumped back and forth between history and theatre (I ended up majoring in both). I was a 20-year-old with a subscription to Foreign Policy Magazine, who spent hours looking at Lexus Nexus for article citations for papers, who tried (unsuccessfully) to teach herself Arabic. I went on to pursue graduate education in theatre and management, but my passion for history and current events was always there. I may have not joined the Foreign Service or trained with the CIA to change the world, but in the long run I was changing the world in my own way.

I eventually became a teacher. I was educating young minds about the world around them. I still do that today as a professional bookseller. I put world-changing, life affirming, imagination igniting stories into the hands of young people each day. My original life goal to change the world through international relations may be no more. But here I am, looking at a political yard sign with my name on it. I’ve come full circle from my teen years with hopes and dreams of making the world a safer and kinder place. Today I focus on making my community a better place for families. I’m working for sound schools, for continued arts funding at all grade levels, for safe school athletics, for open governance and community involvement.

My name is Sam, and 16-year-old-me is thrilled to say – I am running for school board to make the world a better place.

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